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Incense Holder – Own Style

Incense comes in various forms and designs; as we all know if you use incense it is always good have it paired with an incense holder for you to have better and soothing result. In modern times, incense are not just limited with religious activity but instead it is widely used an aromatherapy, and cleanses mind and soul. Most often than not, people tend to use incense during night of autumn season where you snuggle through a warmer with scent of incense burners for a perfect atmosphere. The soothing and aromatic scent of incense helps you to calm down after you have a tiring day at work; the incense holder on the other hand gives comfort within which it can be easily made in such cases you do not have incense holder in your home. With us, we will give you steps on how to make a personalized incense burner in the easiest way.

• Materials:

1. Dry clay

2. Small bowl

3. Craft knife

4. Rolling pin

5. Toothpick

6. Super glue

7. Black acrylic paint (color may vary)

8. High gloss varnish

• See below steps:

Step 1 – Take the clay and roll it out through a rolling pin up until you get to its ¼ inch thick.

Step 2 – You place a bowl on top of the clay’s surface; use a scalpel and cut around the bowl for you to have clay disk. Get the clay and have it placed on the bowl; press it down lightly and make your own version of bowl.

Step 3 – Take a knife and use it to smooth the edges of your incense holder, plunge your fingers towards the clay bow through water and smooth out the surface.

Step 4 – Leave the bowl into an open space to dry and while you are waiting, you roll the remaining clay for you to make a piece of ball. Now, use a spear for you to dig a hole on top of the ball. Then, get your incense stick and ensure that the stick will fit on the dig hole. Lastly, you leave the clay ball to an open space to have it dried.

Step 5 – If the personalized bowl and ball is dried, you use a strong craft glue to attach the ball unto the bowl.

Step 6 – Dip the paintbrush in an acrylic coat and shake it over on your incense holder through a downwards direction by using your brush on the clay.

Step 7 – Finally, if the acrylic coat is already dried, have your incense holder brushed with varnish and have a very glossy shine.

Note: The above step may vary upon your materials and styles you want to achieve.

For sure the above steps are very helpful for you to have a good piece of incense holder that is very unique and elegant. Undeniably, you will be able to enjoy your incense at anytime you want. If you wanted to have another set of personalized incense holder, the above steps is still helpful for your craft.

Remember: Do not leave your lighted incense and incense burner unattended. If you are already done using it, immediately have keep in a safe place.